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Patsy Did It (PDI) Theories[edit]

  • Steve Thomas theory ("The Bedwetting Theory")
Motive: Anger over bedwetting

Patsy was Abusive theory

  • Tabloid theory:
"John was molesting JonBenet and Patsy accidentally hit JonBenet trying to hit John."

John Did It (JDI) Theories[edit]


  • John Did It, Patsy helped Cover It Up (Linda Arndt theory)
Arndt summarized her theory as "John actually killed his daughter, but Patsy was involved in presenting the murder as something other than a murder".

Suzanne Bernhard

Steve Thomas: "Re: Arndt's suggestion she knew JR was the killer. She is the lone voice on that one. Other detectives working the case had not only never heard Arndt make her GMA comments before, but the others were in consensus that Patsy was the actor in this"

  • "John Did Everything"

Burke Did It (BDI) Theories[edit]

  • CBS Documentary theory ("The Pineapple Theory")
Motive: Anger over a stolen piece of pineapple
Clemente and Richards speculated that Burke, who was 9 at the time, was eating pineapple late Christmas night when a hungry JonBenét came downstairs and snatched a piece of the fruit from his bowl. They suggested that Burke — who family friends earlier described as bad-tempered and “violent” — got angry and hit his sister in the head with a Maglite flashlight, breaking her skull.
  • James Kolar theory:

"An evaluation of the statement made by John, which I considered to be a spontaneous utterance that formed criminal culpability, suggests that he was not aware that her body was downstairs until he went roaming after the 1000 am ransom failed to come. He became an accessory to crime when he failed to tell Det. Arndt that he had discovered the body. His beeline to the basement later with Fleet was thought to be a ruse."

  • Tabloid theory: (burke bedwetting)
  • Judge Judy theory

Intruder Did It (IDI) Theories[edit]

Lou Smit theory: Lou Smit believed a man

See List of Suspected Intruders

Lou Smit's theory of how an intruder could have entered and exited the home

Intruder and Ramsey(s) Did It Theories[edit]


"Neighborhood kids theory"