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Police Interviews and Depositions[edit]

John Ramsey's 1997 Police Interview:

John Ramsey's 1998 DA's Office Interview:

John Ramsey's 2000 DA's Office Interview:

Patsy Ramsey's 1997 Police Interview:

Patsy Ramsey's 1998 DA's Office Interview:

Patsy Ramsey's 2000 DA's Office Interview:

Burke Ramsey June 1998 Police Interview, Collected Transcripts & Statements:

Ramsey, Thomas and Beckner Depositions in Wolf Case, 2001:

Police Reports and Warrants[edit]

Officer French Report - 12/26/1996:

Detective Arndt Report - 1/8/1997:

Sgt Whitson Report - 12/27/1996:

Officer Patterson Report - undated excerpt:

Detective Byfield Boulder Search Warrant -12/27/1996:

Detective Byfield Boulder Search Warrant - 12/29/1996:

Detective Jane Harmer Michigan Search Warrant - 3/1997:

Collected Colorado Search Warrants Through 1/30/1997:

Miscellaneous Source Materials[edit]

Tabloid archives:

911 Call Transcript and Audio:

Affidavit for Burke Ramsey - Alex Hunter's Edits:

"The Bonita Papers":

CNN Interview with the Ramseys: Transcript from 1/1/97:

CNN Interview with the Ramseys: Video clip from 1/1/97:

Ransom Note Images:

Sexual Abuse Task Force Investigator Interview:

True Bills for John and Patsy Ramsey -

Physical Evidence: Testing, Reports, Research[edit]

(See Evidence)

Autopsy Photos on Forums for Justice - CAUTION - GRAPHIC:!

Autopsy Report Text:

Autopsy Report PDF:,%20jonbenet_report.pdf

Cord Fiber Content Information:

Selected DNA documents:


[DNA Report 3-24-08](

[DNA Report 5-12-08](

[DNA Report 6-20-08](


[Fecal Smearing Evidence Not Conclusive - wiki](


[Medical Opinions on JonBenet's Injuries - wiki](


[Paintbrush Handle Knot Not Prusik - wiki](


[Stomach Contents Information - wiki](


[Test Results - Summaries of Evidence - wiki](


[Train Track Theory Experiment - wiki](


      1. Internet and Print Links###

___________________________________ [A Candy Rose]( Huge repository of information - some well sourced, some anon. internet posters.

[Boulder Daily Camera JBR Case Archive](

[The Case Encyclopedia]( Lots of information including CORA documents, leans heavily on links to webbsleuths (IDI website), the Carnes ruling (a civil lawsuit that rules for the Ramseys) and includes anon. internet posters as sources.

[Chief Mark Beckner's AMA]( Chief Beckner infamously deleted his AMA when he realized how much publicity it received.

[GoreGirl89's Illustrated Overview of Case](

[James Kolar's AMA]( Author of *Foreign Faction* and proponent of BDI theory (unofficially).

[Missing Innocence: The JonBenet Ramsey Case by Ann Bardach](

[New York Times Ramsey Case Archive](

[Statement Analysis - the Ransom Note](

[WayBack Machine Case Links]( Great wiki page of archived sites including Topix, tabloids, and the Ramsey family reward website.

[We Have Your Daughter]( Paula Woodward's Book Website - includes links to floor plans, DNA evidence, case documents

[Westworld Interview of Fleet and Priscilla White](


      1. Other JonBenét Case Blogs and Forums###

[Forums for Justice](

[Juror 13](


[#SHAKEDOWN by Nick Vanderleek](

[Solving the JonBenet Ramsey Case by DocG](

[Someone is getting away with murder](



      1. The 10 Days of JonBenét - Sub Series###

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      1. Books on the Case###

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      1. Videos on the Case###

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